About Surgitech Egypt

Surgitech Egypt is a leading company in the medical field in Middle East established 1990 in Egypt. we treasure dedication and moved to satisfy customers, accepting nothing less than loyalty and are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and to assure the quality of the products.

We take part in worldwide healthcare exhibitions and conferences; organize seminars, workshops and training sessions for professionals. We provide a wide range of medical products as well as service, aid, consulting repair, installations and equipment for all specialties varying from orthopedic, neuro, maxillo, cosmetics, thoracic, ENT and endoscopic surgeries.

Manufacturers represented by Surgitech Egypt
  • Zimmer
    Joint Replacement Solutions – USA

    Zimmer is a worldwide leader in joint replacement solutions for knee pain and hip pain, and provides comprehensive spine care solutions for acute and chronic back pain. The company also provides a broad range of trauma, dental implant, and orthopedic surgical products.

    Surgical Instruments – Germany

    Rebstock Instruments GmbH was founded in 1995 and is manufacturer and system supplier of surgical instruments and implants with focus on neuro- and cardiovascular surgery as well as on orthopedics. Furthermore, we are offering a wide range of general surgical instruments.

    Surgical Instruments – USA

    ACRA-CUT has long been considered the “gold standard” worldwide for its design and specialized manufacturing of automatic releasing cranial perforators. Our latest development, the ACRA-CUT SMART DRILL, encompasses over twenty years of expertise in the design and development of cranial perforators.

  • Komet Medical
    Dental Products

    The brand Komet was founded in 1923 by the Brasselerbrothers and remains a family-run business to this day. Kometis a recognized innovation leader, providing one of the most comprehensive ranges of rotary instruments and systems for use in dentistry.Apart from the dental field, Kometis also a renowned supplier in the sectors dental technology and general surgery and a reputable OEM partner in the dental industry throughout the world.

  • Komet Medical
    Surgical Instruments

    Starting from neurosurgical field in 1988, Aygün is one of the leading establishments of Turkey in the medical industrial field. At the end of its constant R&D activities, it accomplished the production of instruments for all surgical branches.A long with meeting the large requirements of Turkey, it proves itself as an expert in the field with the products offered to the world market.

  • System-Strobel
    Emergency Vehicles

    Since 1984 System-Strobel in Wasseralfingen has been developing and manufacturing rescue, ambulance and emergency response vehicles for the rescue services and aid organisations all over the world. System-Strobel pays special attention to functionality, ergonomics and quality of its vehicles. Hence it is not surprising that the first rescue vehicle ever made by System-Strobel is still in service today. Besides modern and dependable technology, our customers have above all come to expect punctual delivery and service support, so it is not surprising that this all-round service has become our top priority.